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About Us

Our Mission

AtHome Healthcare Team is a locally-owned home health agency. Our team is our family, and we are dedicated to providing care for you and your family.

Our team of clinicians and case managers works on smaller caseloads, ensuring we can customize and spend the quality time each patient requires.

Our multidisciplinary staff consists of medical professionals appropriately trained with compassion towards each client’s needs. Our certified specialists make sure every patient has everything they require conveniently by their side.

Our Vision

AtHome Healthcare Team strives to be recognized as the best home health provider and most trusted authority in California.

Our goal is to offer a comprehensive range of multidisciplinary services to ensure that each patient’s needs are met by providing an individualized experience. Considering any conditions patients may experience along the way, we utilize cutting-edge technologies in home healthcare delivery.

Our Philosophy

Our staff at AtHome Healthcare Team believes the highest quality healthcare is in our patient’s homes and is imperative to their overall well-being and the continuum of care.

Our home health agency and healthcare providers have sworn to provide treatment and services in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations and comply and adhere to patient’s rights, including disclosures and ownership information.

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