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Long-Term Hospice Care

How Long Are Patients Expected to Survive Under Hospice Care

Having a loved one declared terminally ill is a stressful and challenging situation to find oneself in. Not only does the patient go through a lot of physical and mental stress, but their family also suffers from psychological trauma and needs time to accept the severity of the situation. Often, the patient’s family remains in […]

What Services Are Provided in Home Health?

What Are the Benefits of Receiving Medical Treatment at Home?

Home health refers to any skilled care medical services provided to the patient at their home. Like any other medical treatment or service, home health also requires that a certified or licensed health care practitioner or a skilled nurse provide the necessary medical treatment. The frequency and duration of the visit of the home health […]

What Are the Rules and Regulations for Hospice Care in California?

California Laws for Receiving and Providing Hospice Care

As human beings, we all depend on our loved ones to be there for us in times of happiness and pain. Our friends, family, and significant others give us the emotional support we need to live our lives with a positive attitude. Knowing that someone you love is terminally ill can be extremely hard for […]

How is Palliative Care Different from Hospice Care?

Difference Between Palliative Care and Hospice Care

Often, the family of a terminally ill loved one stays in denial and needs ample time to accept that the final goodbyes are close. In such times, anyone in charge of the patient wants to do everything to minimize patient pain and distress. Even when the sickness is not terminal, nobody wants to leave their […]

How Does Occupational Therapy Work at Home?

Occupational therapy done at home

A tragic event, accident, or birth deformity can leave a person bedridden and unable to perform daily tasks. Not only is the ‘person’s challenge physical, but they also struggle significantly mentally with keeping their spirit and willpower high. When a ‘person’s daily activities get hindered constantly because of their disabilities or illness, chances of recovery […]

How Does Physical Therapy Work at Home? 

image concept for home can physical therapy be provided at home

The human body and mind feel most at peace when surrounded by friendly faces and familiar objects. You feel safe, liberated, and stable to pursue any goal you set your mind to. This state of mind makes recovering from diseases and injuries easier and faster. When a person has either lost some mobility or is […]

How Can Skilled Nursing Help in Home Health?

Image concept for how can skilled nursing help in home health

Sometimes proper recovery begins from the inside, and this happens when the body feels secure and safe in the comforts of a more familiar setting. The monotonous routine and bleak ambiance of a hospital can adversely affect a patient’s mental health and willpower. Home health care services provided by licensed skilled nurses can serve as […]

What Happens On Hospice Care?

What Happens during Hospice Care?

Knowing your loved one is living on borrowed time can be traumatizing. Getting the news that your loved one has been diagnosed with a terminal illness that will take their life in a few months or, if lucky, a few years can be tough to process. Hospice care has been initiated for all kinds of […]

How To Choose A Home Health Provider?

Choose A Home Health Provider

If you or a loved one has recently gone through an accident, you might have to choose a home healthcare provider.  When it comes to receiving care, there are many things that one will have to research. You need to know that the person providing care is capable and has the right tools to cope […]

Home Care 101 In Northern California

Home Care 101

The COVID-19 pandemic has given a new meaning to the word “home care.” With many medical facilities in the world working at their maximum capacity. We saw that many were asked to stay at home and practice home care to get better in time. Home care hasn’t always been under the context of the coronavirus. […]

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